Big leap of Faith

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding: in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

I met the Lord a bit over 2 years ago and at that time He started to introduce me to the possibility of moving back to Indiana. 

I am a single mother who never went to college because I spent my life struggling to survive, I had no support of moving forward and no opportunities it seemed at the time. I tried to go to school only to have it be to difficult to keep up at the time due to circumstances and depression in my life. I have worked meaningless jobs that never paid enough to build a foundation for myself or my daughter. 

I remember being at my job last year looking for a home to rent and I couldn’t find one even in the boon docks of Illinois, that I could afford. I met a friend in Indiana and went to visit a couple times and remember the peace and God’s presence when I was there and how empty I felt when I would come back to Illinois. 

I attend Church at Harvest Bible Chapel and thought I would just see if there was one in Indiana, there is by Indianapolis. I got the courage to write the Pastors wife, which is not like me, and I just told her I felt maybe God was leading me to move there and leave Illinois behind. She gave me advice on walking through any door God opens, even if it shuts once I walk through it is obedience to the Lord. 

I kept the idea on the back burner and told God if this was meant to be then I needed Him to first change my daughters heart on the idea because she was extremely against it. 

Well, He did just that. She went to a youth retreat through Church and met a bunch of kids from Indiana and she saw how they were just like her and her fear of not making friends went away and she said “Mom,  when I met them it ran through my mind how you wanted to move last year, if that is still what you want I am okay with it”. I told her lets pray about it and see what God does. 

We have been praying and I told God that I needed Him to come up with the money to move and I would like to do it before she starts school again this year. 

Well, so far nothing had happened and I was into June already, so I figured it wasn’t meant to happen.

Then my room mate tells me out of the blue I have to move because of some changes going on in her life and she figured the end of July would be good so I could be settled somewhere before Heaven starts school. I have no where to go. I have checked with transitional housing places, got the word out, everything I could think of. Nothing has been offered.

So I tell my old Pastor and he puts me on this site to ask for 6 months of housing so I can get on my feet. He said anyone he has put on here has been offered housing. Well, nobody has offered me housing but money has come through. I have $700.00 so far, as he told me this Indiana ran through my mind again and how I asked God to come up with the money and by the end of summer. 

I talked to Heaven about this again and she agrees God is confirming moving and she said she has had her own experiences with Him telling her also. 

So we are in our car yesturday and she was crying about leaving her friends and we were listening to secular music all day, so I told her lets listen to Klove because we need God right now. A minute after I turn it on a new song by Moriah Peters comes on called Well Done, as soon as we hear the lyrics we look at each other like it smacked us in the face. The lyrics for the first part are below. 

So now the last part is God opening up someone’s heart in Indiana, to rent to us even though I am on unemployment. If this happens, then it is confirmed this is where He wants us. This is where He knows I can prosper and become what He meant me to be in this life. I don’t know why He didn’t open doors in Illinois and why He would have us leave all that we know here, but as the verse says acknowledge Him and don’t lean on my own understanding (: That is what I intend to do

I’m headed down this narrow road
Chosen by the few
And all that I know is
You told me to follow You

I’m taking a risk and leaving it all
Not knowing what I’ll go through
But I’m not alone
As long as I follow You

So when my life’s a leap of faith
I can hear You say

Well done, well done
I’m gonna chase You, Lord
I’m gonna show the world Your love, woah
I’ll run, I’ll run
I’m gonna run this race
To hear You say well done

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