Last Resorts

Romans 6:19 I put this in HUMAN terms because you are WEAK in your natural selves. 

I was talking with my mom today and she mentioned how she thinks God is just trying to show her she has no more options but Him. 

This made me think of some things like my smoking, I have tried gum, pills, electronic cigs, everything I could think of and it is coming down to God. I have tried everything in my human weakness and I tried all my bright ideas to make it easier on myself. Now I wrote Scripture on index cards and have come to realize it’s up to Him and His power being made perfect in my weakness. 

My friend was discouraged because she had been trying to get pregnant and even tried fertility options. We talked about Sarah and how she wanted a child for so long and she ended up giving up hope and figured it would never happen, but then God came along and she got pregnant. Well, the next week or so after this conversation my friend shared the news that she found out she was pregnant (:

My boyfriend stood by my side for 2 years hoping for change and trying to help me see things differently so that I could come out of my bondage. Finally he gave up on the idea that I would ever be able to have a relationship. I also gave up on the idea that I would be able to accept a good one. I thought I was hopeless. I tried counseling, prayer, racking my brain about it. Then I started to come to terms that I would be single forever and tried to be content with that. Then out of no where all these pieces start to fall into place and God came swooping in and took me out of the bondage of intimacy issues I had. Now I feel so free and so happy and in Love. 

We all tried in our human weakness to fix situations and have results happen, we resorted to everything the world had to offer and eventually lost hope. When it finally came down to it, God came in and fixed it all.

It is sad that God is a last resort so many times, that we first go through our ideas and what the world says will fix things and then we see none of it works permanently, sometimes making things worse and we lose hope.

But that is the whole point, He lets us go through frustrating ourselves so we realize how much we need Him. He shows us nothing is hopeless when it comes down to Him and His POWER. When you finally release a situation to Him, things happen. 

Miracles happen.

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