Real Love

John 15:12 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

Real Love conquers all, it conquers fear and heals diseases (psalm 103:2-3). I thought I knew what love was in my past, but I have found out I was just like the rest of the world, mistaking infatuation for love, and selfishness for selflessness.

Gods love has healed me of intimacy issues I didn’t even know I had or understood. I used to think I accepted love but what I really accepted was abuse and pain with excuses that followed. I fooled myself into thinking love hurt and that was okay. I pushed real love away.

I have come to realize love can hurt but not in an abusive way, in a way that your heart aches for someones touch, that you can miss someone so much when you just saw them. God showed me that love, he healed me and broke through my wall by being patient, kind, and selfless. No matter how much I hurt him and went against what He wanted, what He knew was right, He stood by my side. I remember crying myself to sleep on Good Friday because I missed Him so much, although I have never physically seen Him.

 Gods love strengthens my Faith in Him, I know no matter what happens it will all be for the best and we will be fine. Gods love also gives me Hope for this world and the people in my life. God is amazing, there are no words to clearly express His love and what He does in a persons life when they have a close intimate relationship with Him.

It is scary being naked (vulnerable) with people, letting that wall fall down, but it is so worth it. It is worth taking the time to heal and learn Gods nature and His love, letting Him instill it in your own heart so that you can love like He does. 

So many people run to relationships to fill that void for a bit, but they are losing out so much. If we took the time with God like God takes with us, He will show you what it’s really about and He will teach you to fulfill His greatest commandment.

I love Jesus for dying on the cross so that He could heal me and lift me up high even though I don’t deserve it. 

I went from thinking about ending my life in my past to wanting to take care of myself so that I can live this life as long as possible and experience things through God, and see the world as He sees it.

I listened and obeyed Him, I fasted from dating and took the time with Him I needed and He is blessing me in so many ways. One way is by bringing a man into my life that has been by my side the whole 2 years I was struggling and healing. Even though I couldn’t love him like he loved me, he waited by my side and didn’t give up on me no matter how much it hurt him. 

If we all let God become a part of us and change us, the world would love each other just like this. The world would be such a nice place to be. That is one of our purposes though, to teach others this kind of love by showing it because there is no way to express it in words, it’s about the fruit being shown through your actions. Anyone can say it, but it’s another thing to prove it.

If the person you are with couldn’t speak, would you know they loved you? If not then I would think twice and wait on God. I know God is there even when He is silent because there have been moments I was brought to tears from deep inside because of what He does for me and just feeling our hearts connect as trust grows. 

Take the time, put it into action and most of all ask Him to teach you what love is and how to accept and give it. It could change your life.

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