Suicidal depression!

As most of you know, Mary Kennedy committed suicide due to a lifelong battle with depression last week. I started to research the Kennedy family more because of my battle with depression and my desire to teach other’s how to overcome it with God. I read a headline that said “The family curse continues”, this grabbed my attention because I know it is true, families are cursed due to their sin until someone breaks the curse by knowing God. Many people down my family line are cursed with depression and addictions. The Kennedy family was also cursed with addictions, which is a common thing when mental illness is present, the natural reaction is to numb because there is no hope. People stated Mary had many friends and was loved by many, this just proves that you can be lonely and helpless with many people in your life, people can’t save us. 

The only person I have come across that is connected with the family and has overcome addiction and depression was Christopher Kennedy Lawson, he is now an activist who speaks to people about addiction. He mentions parents playing a part in their children’s addiction, finding the root cause, getting knowledge so that you can overcome, have restoration, and hope. Problem is I have not heard him mention Jesus, he talks about science. Does this prove God uses people who aren’t his children? I believe so. Somehow Christopher got the strength to overcome his issues, but doesn’t realize God had a big part in it. Even as a worldly person speaks, it still correlates with Scripture because God created everything. I fear IF he isn’t a Christian that his speaking could discourage others in feeling inadequate when they can’t overcome their issues like he has. God does warn of people saying they are Jesus and not to believe them though Matt 24:5. Not that he is saying he is Jesus literally; he just seems to be giving himself and science the glory for his recovery. Jesus is the true healer and he healed Christopher for some reason, maybe to prove a point like this one. It is more uncommon for a non believer to overcome addiction than it is for a follower. I am grateful that Christopher gets the message out that he does, I just pray one day if he doesn’t know Jesus already, that He finds him and gives Him the glory He deserves, sending a message of true healing, hope (Jesus) and restoration that does not disappoint Romans 5:5. 

Lets look into depression in the Bible and define some things, these things will prove that what Christopher speaks about is true (but his scientific knowledge will not save him), but Jesus being brought into it will heal many.

In Luke 13 Jesus comes in contact with a crippled woman, she was bent over and could not straighten up at all. He called her over and said “Woman, you are set free from your infirmity”, then he put his hands on her, and immediately she straightened up and praised God. Now at first you would think she had a physical issue, like a hunchback or something, but when you look up infirmity it says “lack of strength or vitality, weakness or failing in someone’s character”. She had a low self esteem holding her head down in total despair, she was depressed.

Depression is a “state of unhappiness or hopelessness, persistent feelings of hopelessness, dejection and suicidal tendencies.

Dejection is “sadness and lack of hope, especially as a result of disappointment”, it is also “the act of passing solid waste matter”. 

This woman was made to feel like waste that needed to be disregarded without a second thought, she was disappointed by people, believed their lies and had no hope. I have told people so many times that “I felt like a piece of garbage that needed to be thrown out”. Both of us had no hope and were disappointed by many people in our lives until we met Jesus and were healed. I was not instantly healed though, we have to produce fruit, and God uses us in the battle to turn from the sin of believing lies that we are waste. He has us participate in our healing so we gain confidence and wisdom to help others.

I believe Mary lost her battle because she saw it as her battle, what is impossible with man is possible with God Luke 18:27. Her family was known for all the public service they did, but these motions still did not break the Kennedy curse. Relationship with Jesus is the only way to break it. 

Depression is based on believing lies. Satan is waiting at the womb for us Rev 12:4, if he is waiting to destroy us the minute we are born, who is he going to use to begin this process? Both Christopher and God agree that our parents play a large role in this. It says in Luke 21:16 that we will be betrayed by our parents, brothers, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death. The ones closest to us who should teach us unconditional love will be used by Satan to show us the opposite and put us to death by making us believe we are unworthy of Love and just plain old worthless.

Many parents these days over work themselves to provide their children with material items, to the parent they think they are showing love to their children by providing things, to a child their parent’s actions tell them they aren’t worth their time. When a parent is riddled with anxiety which turns into frustration a lot of the time, they might take it out on their children and maybe even apologize later, but that child has already taken on the shame of being the reason their parent is unhappy, because of the parent’s actions.

So how do we battle the lies? Get knowledge of your issues, like Christopher mentions. Knowledge (worldly) is power, wisdom is power and life. Bring in the truth from God about who we are and who we are meant to be. I will go into detail about the in another blog. The main point to this blog is that there is hope and healing. Also, the brutal truth that if you continue to believe the lies and act in your depression based on how you feel, despair will set in and suicide is a possibility for your future. If you meet people who are depressed or addicts, take the time to show them God’s love and help them battle by helping them pinpoint the lies and show them the truth, God could use you to save someone’s life.

Remember depressed people are depressed because they were disappointed by people in their lives, don’t add to it by letting them down when you could be there. Depressed people have no strength, they may need you to be their strength and speak the truth to them and help them pray. I know in some of my depressed moments all I could utter to God was “help”. 



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