When I die!

When I die, I hope people know!!!!!!!!!

That I used to put all my hope in men until I found the one man who gives me all I need, his name is Jesus

That I dropped out of school and spent most of those days getting high or drunk instead of learning but now God has given me so much wisdom and a gift where I could tell you what is in your way of being closer to God by looking at your facebook page or having a conversation with you, if you wanted to know

That I used to feel I wouldn’t amount to anything but now I have so much that I want to do I get overwhelmed

That thoughts of partying over the weekend was what excited me but now thinking about going to Church to lift my hands to God and sing songs to Him excite me

That I used to wake up disappointed that I was still here and now I can’t wait to see what God has in store for my day

That I used to think forgiving was letting it go when someone hurt you but now I know it’s letting them know they hurt you and giving it back to God to deal with you

That I used to think love was doing the best you could do for me even though it really hurt me but now I know love is consuming and can bring you to tears with a word. That no matter what you do and how you fall short you are still loved without any expectation of matching that love or doing anything in return

That I used to think a home was where you lived and now I know it is in Heaven

That I used to think death was the end but now I know it is just the beginning

That I used to cry because of people but now I cry for them

That I used to consume my day thinking about how I was going to make more money and now I am consumed by God and studying His Word

That when I tell you things that hurt, my intentions are to help you see what is hurting God and yourself because I love you

That I used to think loving my child was giving her things and finding her a dad but now I know I should have been spending quality time with her and teaching her about her Father

That I was not perfect and still I am not but I do everything I can to change the things that need to change so that my Father is pleased and can see how much I love Him back

That I am like my brother Paul (Jesus’ disciple), bold in letters and timid face to face

That I am like my brother Moses who was scared to speak when God was calling him to

That I am like my sister who you wanted to stone for committing adultery but was forgiven by Jesus and she fell in love with Him and followed Him for the rest of her life

That when I die my body will turn back to ashes but my soul will be in Heaven with God and I will come back on those clouds with Him to claim his children that are still here

That I pray my family and friends spend their days with God and make sure they get it right, so they to will be in Heaven

I hope you know that God transformed me and changed my heart, He gave me wisdom to help, that without Him I would still be caught in this mess and still be dying everyday

That I am God’s daughter and I am so grateful for all He has done to change my heart and my life and I know that people may disappoint me but He never will

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