Sweet Mercy!!!

Lamentations 3:22-23

 22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, 
   for his compassions never fail. 
23 They are new every morning; 
   great is your faithfulness.


I just went to visit with a friend tonight, we were talking about God of course and our lives. We are in different places in our lives and relationships with God, she has her struggles, I have mine. Although they are different struggles and we are different points, we both still need mercy. We need grace to get us to the next step. 

She said every morning is a new day, she shows that she has that hope still, it made me think of the verse above. Every morning we recieve what we need to face this day, we recieve new strength and mercy. God truly meets each of us where we are at. Personally meeting with us in our pain or our praise, where ever you are He is there waiting. 

Even when someone is being brought to their knees it is merciful because God knows after this pain, life with come. He knows we need Him and if we aren’t in line He will lay his hand down on you, heavy if that’s how it needs to be. It’s like someone holding your hand and twisting your arm until you drop to your knees and surrender. The thing is though He doesn’t need to do anything but let us pay the spiritual, emotional and even physical concequences that we bring on naturally from our sin, to bring us down.

If people looked at my friends situation the world would think ouch, must suck. But I saw the good that God is there persuing and drawing her. He hasn’t left and He is patiently waiting for her. It’s beatiful to talk to someone and even in their struggle they talk of hope, the light in the future of being set free. 

I truly appreciate and am encouraged by seeing her persevere knowing that she will be free and I can’t wait to see the end result as things are broke and new life evolves. It strengthens my Faith to see prayers are answered and that God is so real in people’s lives around me. 

I pray “God bring so and so to their knees”, I never really thought much about what I am really praying for, I just chalked it up as letting them hurt so they stop. It is like that but tonight I saw the bigger picture. It’s not about the death it’s about the Resurrection. It’s not about the pain of getting there, it’s about the life after that pain. I am praying for people to not be brought into the pain but lead to life that only He can provide. 

I asked God one day how He can deal with watching the pain that we all go through at times and He told me “it’s because He knows one day He will set us free of all pain”. That is how I feel. I used to want to save and fix everyone’s situation, but I have come to understand there is nothing I can do but pray and lift my worries to God, truly let go of them and trust. I know that we have to go through trials and the concequence of sin to truly get closer to God and strengthen our trust in Him. I now see pain as beautiful because it’s one step closer to freedom.

Dear Lord Jesus, Thank You so much for showing us mercy and never giving us more than we can handle. Thank You for letting us join in your death as we die to ourselves. Most of all Thank You for letting us participate in your resurrection and being brought to life, being able to breath as if for the first time. I am touched that you love us enough to share these wonderful gifts. Help us to never take what seems like the smallest step toward you for granted. Remind us of the mustard seed and how even though it is small it grows into something big, just like the steps we take. 



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