Do you fear the rain?

Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.

It’s amazing how much I learn from the dogs I live with, one is mine and one is my friends. I opened the door to let them out today and mine went out and right back in because of the rain and the other didn’t want to come back in. I said to my dog “What’s going on is God giving everyone a bath today”, it made me think of how some of us run to God to be cleansed and how some of us run back into our comfort zone and denial.

In order for God to cleanse us he has to reveal our sin to us. It is very uncomfortable to actually see that we are living in a world of denial believing we are nice, caring people. I run to God to be cleansed, ya sometimes I hesitate but I bite the bullet soon after because I know the freedom that comes after I repent and turn to God. I never want to live in that dark place again. I like the light. I like facing fears and becoming more like God everyday.

I knew the pain of my sin and denial, I was in a way comfortable because that is all I knew, but now that I am free and the burden and darkness has been lifted I want to keep seeking the Lord and let him keep cleansing me. In the dark pain there was no hope. In the light there is nothing but hope. 

Our Father truly knows what is best and he has to let us suffer consequences of going against what is right and true, so that we run back into his arms and are set free from sin and danger lurking around every corner bringing us closer to death.

On top of it He says “let us reason together”, that blows my mind. Here we are disobedient, ungrateful little brats at times and instead of using His power to overthrow us He waits patiently for us and wants to reason with us?

Do you run from His cleansing? Just listen to Him, he will speak through your conscious, you know right from wrong, do right and all things will fall into place. He will reveal little by little your identity and purpose. He will only give you what you can chew at the moment. 

He loves you, He is waiting to reason with you right now.

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