The real Pleasantville-Revised

So as some of you know I was sent on a trip to Missouri, Kansas City to be exact, so that I could experience IHOP (International House of Prayer) and go to the children’s conference. I know God has sent me here, the reason I know is because I couldn’t afford it, so God set it up and had the Church I work for offer the trip to me, so I figured it must be pretty important. God has answered so many questions everyday that I have been here and I feel closer to Him and stronger.

Let’s start with IHOP, it is 24/7 Prayer and Worship, calling down God’s presence all day long, all night. You don’t have to even be there and you know God’s presence is in this town. Those of you who know Harvest Bible Chapel or Willow Creek know what IHOP is already, just include some really cool prayer during the music and you got it. I have learned a lot already about the meaning of taking a piece of Scripture and meditating on it in this way. People walk around and say Hi and have a blessed day to total strangers. Women are lifted up and respected by men and children and children are respected by all. It all falls into place and it is so easy to be in your role and respect people. It’s like a taste of what the world would be like if God was the foundation to everyone’s life. You walk around with this pure, refreshing stream of water running through your veins.

Then there are the speakers at the conference, instead of boring us to death about what and how we should teach the children they intensively focus on healing us adults and strengthening our relationships with God so that we can lead the children with pure God driven hearts. My daughter should be one happy kid when I get back. Instead of seeing her like a teen who needs to just listen and respect me, I see her as one of God’s chosen children to lead this world in the end times. I need to teach her discipline but not hinder her from doing God’s work with her intense passion.

Today they prayed for the Spirit to baptize us with FIRE, people were speaking in tongues, crying, screaming, falling on the ground. I always laughed at these Churches, thought they were driven by demonic forces. I didn’t fall back or speak in tongues but I did feel tingles through my skull, and in my feet and lower legs. I felt dizzy and faint at times, but wouldn’t let myself go completely. I felt so out of my comfort zone and confused. I asked God “Is this you, is this real, is this okay”, He told me it is just different to the world because we are used to Worshipping and being driven by the devil”.

What is the difference between gathering at a bar, getting drunk and falling on the floor and gathering together in Worship with God getting drunk on the Spirit?

God and Satan, that is the difference. It is socially acceptable to get drunk and fall all over, but it isn’t acceptable to not drink and Praise God.

It is socially acceptable to drive drunk and kill someone but it isn’t socially acceptable to offer a healing prayer to take you out of your pain.

Why is it okay with us to kill but not save?

I rather drink the Spirit and have power fired up in my heart, power to make a difference and to change a World in need of a Savior.

How about you?

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