Devoured alive

Revelation 12: 4 His tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born.

In this verse we are being told about how Satan (the dragon) was waiting for Jesus to be born so he could devour him. We are supposed to use Scripture as a guide for our lives, so it is wise to say that Satan is waiting to devour us the moment we are born also.

Devour means to eat up greedily, to use up or destroy, and to prey upon (devoured by guilt).

The definition in the dictionary explained exactly what Satan’s job is. He is greedy wanting to take us down with him, his job is to use us up and destroy us so we are no good to God and others, and he does this by preying on us day and night leading us to make decisions that will bring more guilt on us until it kills us.

No wonder most babies come out screaming. We go from spending time with God as He knits us together and makes us feel so secure and special in His hands while being safe in our mother’s womb, to coming out into a world where Satan is waiting for us. So now we have to depend on our parents to make us feel secure and raise us to know God, but if our parents never accepted Jesus in their lives then we have two insecure people who Satan has destroyed for years now, taking care of us. Scary. So we are born knowing God but unless our parent’s know Him Satan is more dominant in our lives because He is present in the world around us and we lose sight of God as we get older.

Satan preys on us our whole lives, he devours us with guilt, guilt is shame. Shame was first introduced when Adam and Eve went against God and ate the fruit that gave them the knowledge of right and wrong. They were happy and carefree until Satan came and asked Eve some questions putting doubt in her mind about God’s intentions keeping her from that knowledge. Now we have to battle everyday with right and wrong. God gave us a conscious the day Eve ate that fruit, but we go against it a lot of times because we think we know better or we don’t want to put the hard work into doing things the right way. We think there is a faster way to feel better, there are but they take us further into shame and we can’t ever escape it long term.

Jesus died for our sins (the things we do wrong) because no matter how hard we try we will never be perfect, He rose from the grave so that we can be free from the weight of shame that increases because of our sin. Without His Spirit living inside us, we can’t stop being selfish hearted people who are out to get what we need. So without Jesus we will never find long term happiness and peace in our lives, we will never be better people who just really love others.

So you can make the choice to stay with Satan and continue to be devoured or accept Jesus as God’s sacrifice for us and be set free.

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