Paralyzing Fears

Good Morning Everyone,

I woke up this morning realizing that last night was not a dream, it was real, but it was so amazing that it seemed like it was just a dream. You know how we have this picture of what we want in our lives and what we think would make us happy? I thought a husband, children, and a job where I am appreciated etc. Well, God really knows what would make us happy and He reveals it to us in steps. We have the choice step by step and day by day to live out our dreams or keep living out our fears.

Fear is very powerful, but God is more powerful. If you let your fears creep in more and more they start to control every area in your life until you are not living at all. Lets clarify that, breathing and having your 5 senses does not mean you are living.

For me, living is pushing through those fears and finding victory in them, knowing that it is only because God loves me so much that I was able to do it in His strength and with Him by my side. He gets all Glory in my life, every step He takes me through blows me out of the water. I wasn’t off with what I thought would make me happy in life, I was just seeking it the wrong way. God made me face my fears. Last night was my first ever Mary Kay event, God made sure it was at my Church so I was more comfortable and my friend was there to help me. I had to talk to people I didn’t know and ones I did know. The whole thing was out of my comfort zone, small talk with strangers terrified me, sales terrified me, I had no confidence or self esteem in the past to do this stuff. Everytime I face a fear I am empowered and recieve more confidence.

I love what I am doing, I love connecting with women, another thing I was terrified of in the past. I love spreading God’s word and love. Next, is my first facial and then two parties where I am actually going to do my presentation on finding your inner beauty. I am still scared but not as much as I was. It took God 6 months to get me where I am in my business and within myself today, but now that we jumped that hurdle I can’t wait to see it take off. It took so long, 6 months, that I felt like I was failing at times, but it was necessary, He has to work on my heart and heal some past hurts that took my confidence so that He could give it back to me. We want it at a certain time, but we will get it in His time unless we take it upon ourselves, but then it won’t be perfect like it is when He decides.

The only fears I want is the fears that I am passing up doors God has opened  because of the what if’s. The fear that when I see Him on that day in Heaven, that He won’t say “I am proud of you daughter”. I want to make Him proud, I want Him to see how much I love and trust Him. I want to live life to the fullest potential on this earth.

If I didn’t walk with Him this far I would be depressed, unemployed or in another dead end job, probably under the influence of something with another man who hurts me because I didn’t believe in myself or God. I am so glad I chose the other path, the one God created for me.

I hope you find yours also, everyday you have the choice of what path you are going to choose. They are both scary but the one with God will bring you through into a new life where you can laugh in fears face. Don’t think that random stranger who comes up to you and asks you something which makes you think about your fear is a coincidence, it’s God, He is telling you “let’s do this together, I know what you need and I will be with you as we walk through this storm. I love this line in a song ” Impossible is not a word, it’s just an excuse not to try”, it is completely true.

 Matthew 19:26  26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


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