The Resolution Is!!

Well a new year is about to begin, people will be making New Years Resolutions, or staying away from them because they know they won’t stick to it anyway so why set themselves up for failure once again. To me New Years just meant another party, another day that brought a new number. To me now it means good friends, family, and looking back at all the progress I have made in the past year.

My Faith has been strengthened the most. Next my confidence in myself and the future ahead. Such a burden less future. Taking on God’s yoke (worries or burdens) has been so beneficial to my whole life. What I worry about is how much time I put into praying for other’s around me. I worry about how cold it is out for my friends who live on the streets. I worry about being extra encouraging and loving toward my daughter, trying to give her a sense of security no matter what our circumstances. I have grown out of my fear of being honest with people because I would worry they would be mad at me. I have actually started to appreciate the little things and they bring me much warmth. I started to find out things about myself that I never knew, like I enjoy writing.  I worry about how unhappy people are and worry that they will never know how Amazing it is to have a relationship with God.

I have been in only one relationship this year, with Jesus. Wow, I used to start to panic when I didn’t have a date set up, to me a date meant a possible future with a man who would show me happiness and fix everything I couldn’t, only to find someone who hurt me in many ways. Now, I wake up every morning knowing I am loved, even on the days when I feel unlovable and ungrateful. I know though He will always be there for me, He won’t give up on me, and He has all the answers. Now instead of finding a man to fix everything, I look to God for the next move. I know that I really can do anything with Him giving me His strength, apart from Him I would crumble.

People make resolutions like I’m gonna work out, watch what I eat, spend more time with the family, do some volunteer work, leave this relationship.

There is only one Resolution that needs to be made. Get to know Jesus. He will take care of all the rest. Yes, you have to do the work physically, but He takes care of actually taking you through and healing all your pain, past shame, and regrets, while replacing it with Joy, peace, encouragement, confidence and Life. Everything just falls into place. You even start to eat better and work out for real (:  Ya, we fall off the wagon but we have the choice to actually get back on knowing there will be better results next time, not maybe, but definetly. We have the opportunity to change and be different everyday. We don’t have to wait til the next year.

See taking His yoke or yours is the only decision you should be making tomorrow. Just ask God to help you accept Him into your heart or keep making the same decisions for yourself watching them fail again, keep putting on the show that you have it all together and keep hurting.

Really what do you have to lose. Nobody has to know you are actually checking out this whole God thing. It’s between you and Him. At worst you waste some minutes of your valuable time that is being wasted trying to figure out what your gonna do next. But those few minutes that you actually put your heart into something could change your life forever and be more amazing than you could even imagine.

YOUR MOVE!!!!!!!!

John 3:16 For God so loved _______, that He sent his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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