Tension and Miracles

Good Morning,

I woke up to some really encouraging posts on Facebook today confirming that I am on the right path and going in the right direction. Our days are filled with so many blessings and miracles. My blessing’s so far today are that I have a warm cozy roof over mine and Heaven’s head, the posts I recieved, the snow falling so beautifully while I am listening to Christmas music. It is such a miracle that I have so much trust in God that I can see these blessings even though I lost my job a couple weeks ago

Having your security in Christ is so calming. God says in Scripture, that we should take His yoke (burdens or worries) and for us to give Him ours. Wow, he takes all my worries upon His shoulder’s and all He wants is for me to live a good, honorable, and loving life.  His yoke is for us and the world. He loves us so much. Nobody can take our relationship with God away from us. That’s why Paul was so happy while He was in jail, his circumstances weren’t his focus. Now, if my focus was my job, then I would be falling apart. But instead I am at such peace with my life, I know He has a plan. So then why are my shoulder’s so tense it hurts?

Well, in the past I would have just taken a pill or had a couple drinks until the tension went away, only to find it coming back up over and over. But now I know the peace you find when you do things the right way.  To accomplish this we need to acknowledge the root fear in our lives and work on that. We tend to want the quick fix, the fastest route so that the pain goes away. But  it never does go away, it just gets buried. The surface issue is that I lost my job, the root issue is that I am scard to do what He wants me to do. See it would be easier to fix the surface issue by just getting another job justifying it by saying I need money, making myself temporarily secure. But to fix the root issue I have to go outside of my comfort zone and face my fears so that I can not just get another job but fulfil another step in my Journey, my purpose. Ultimately gaining unfailing, unwavering security, knowing that God can get me through anything that comes my way. Your purpose doesn’t just consist of one large goal, your purpose is lived out in your everyday life, in every heart you touch, in every lesson you learn, it all works together for the good of those who love the Lord.

He isn’t asking me to do something that will hurt me, if anything it will bring me more confidence and Joy. He wants me to speak to women about finding their security in Christ. He showed me about a year ago that I would be speaking to women and He has confirmed it every time I doubted it. I never would have had the confidence to do this, it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind.  I see how He has walked me closer to it,  helping me find victory every step of the way.  Now my next big step is Mary Kay, but my small steps and fears are making phone calls, setting appointments and only letting positive thoughts take root etc. You know how people say “don’t sweat the small stuff”, well you should sweat the small stuff, it’s the first step to overcoming the big stuff. We always want to jump into the result of what was possible if we did the work in the first place. What seems like small stuff could very well be your roots. It’s only through my faith in Him that I am continuing with the plan even when I think it’s ridiculous to expect me to accomplish any of this.

I hesitate because I still have doubts about myself, thinking what if I make a fool out of myself?  Thats when God says “to take those thoughts captive and replace them with the truth”. The truth is that I won’t be doing this alone, He is walking with me and He gives me His strength and wisdom. The truth is that He has this specially designed path just for me, He designed it so it only makes sense that He would have to lead the way. The truth is you can’t fail. You can stumble or hit a wall but you can never fail, you can always move forward. He is always showing us grace and giving us strength (love and forgivness) through His son who took the fall for us. Because of Him we will always have another chance. Truth is He already could have taken care of this whole world but He gives us the opportunity to participate in making this world a better place, in making ourselves better people. His plans are perfect.  He can accomplish anything through me, all I have to do is follow. Now I will battle these thoughts back and forth until one takes root in my heart, this is known as a Spiritual battle, again taking us back to the Garden. I have two choices God or the enemy? I have two roads, one that leads to destruction of what I called life or one that leads me to new life, meaningful life, reality. 

I choose God and Life. I choose tension and miracles (: I want to feel the tension that fades away, leaving nothing but happiness and peace. I want to see these far off fantasies become real in my life. I want to be proud and see things differently, having no doubts that I am following my path. I know when it is uncomfortable that means God is at work. Good things are on the way.

What do you choose, the tension that fades or stays?

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