If there is a God then why?????

Good Morning,

This is a question I have been asked by so many people. Why do people suffer if there is a God who loves us?

God gave Adam and Eve all they needed, He intended for them to have the best life and just live with Him in peace and Joy. In the beginning it was them, God, and then Satan the enemy. This sets us up to understand ourselves today.

The enemy entered the garden and deceived Eve into focusing on that one tree while making it seem like it was her idea to eat from it. He went after the weaker sex, he planted thoughts, and she became his.  In entered Sin and free will. Now generation to generation it is the same sin passed down until someone breaks the chain. Sin is so dangerous because it becomes a part of your mind and you can’t even see past it, you can’t see it at all. God couldn’t live among them anymore because He is so Holy and good and now they were sinners. I understand this because I know it is hard for me to be around non-believers who are doing things that can tempt me, we have to be careful not to be brought to that wide road again. Not that God is tempted but what does He have in common with them now, He has no darkness in Him? Then He sent Jesus to live with us and show us examples of how to live life and most importantly to die for us so that we can be connected once again to God. When we truly go to God and accept Jesus we receive the Holy Spirit and He starts to work in our lives. You start to see things for how they really are, you receive knowledge you never had on your own. You experience true inner peace and Joy.

As I look back on my life I can see how the enemy planted thoughts in my mind and they became my own. All he has to do is put the thought there because we are so quick to take the easy route out of our pain. I can also see how God was there, but with God it takes more work and you have to face fears. If you don’t have a strong connection with God you won’t find Victory in the area’s of your life that are really holding you back. It is impossible because if you could do it on your own you wouldn’t ever go to God.  unfortunately most people don’t reach out for God until they are in crisis on their knees with no hope left except that there might be a God.

I know that is where I was. I went to Church faithfully, was in Bible studies and sang on the praise team but still didn’t know that there was such a thing as an actual relationship with God here on this earth. In my life the choices I made brought me down to where I actually felt dead, like there was no life left in me. The death He told Adam and Eve they would experience wasn’t just physical death but death here on earth.

Waking up with that girl was devastating to me, but necessary. I never had the desire to be with women in my whole life. Everything just came toppling down on me and weighed me down so much it killed me inside. I layed in bed just breathing after I called out for God. Instantly though things started to change, my desires were changing. If God didn’t allow that to happen to me I wouldn’t have reached out to Him and my life would not be as amazing as it is now.

So see it isn’t that God is mean and wants to watch us struggle. He just won’t push himself on us, we want our freedom right? He also won’t push us to continue down the narrow road once we are on it. Every sin separates us more and more from Him, until you don’t even feel His presence anymore. We have to keep asking for forgiveness and strength to turn away from the ways in our lives that are hurting us. He gave us a way out of the misery. You just have to truly believe in your heart that He came down in the form of man to die for you, so that you can receive life through His Spirit.

So back to the beginning. Today it is still you, God, and Satan. Are you going to go the easy route to death with Satan or are you going to go the Victorious route with God and live?

Christianity is the one Spiritual topic that gets people angry, why? The mention of other God’s don’t seem to bother many, but Jesus is huge. I think it’s because we were all created by God and there is that desire to be with Him in our hearts and so it naturally puts people on defense without them even understanding it deep down. The Bible is one of the most sold books of all time. I know people who have no connection with God yet they have a dusty Bible sitting somewhere in their homes. I know I got mine when I was 18 and pulled it out last year.

If you don’t know your Father yet why not ask Him to come to you now? You keep putting so much effort into fixing things on your own and all it does it put you in an endless cycle of needing more. Aren’t you tired?

If you did know God and lost it along the way because you are scared of where He is taking you, why not just rededicate yourself to Him today? Trust Him and you won’t be let down.

My resource is the Bible. The following are scripture that goes with what I am writing. If you don’t have a Bible you can google them.

Genesis Chapter 3, 2nd Corinthians Chp 6 vse 14, John Chp 14 vse 27, Matthew Chp 7 vse 13-14, Matthew Chp 7 vse 7



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